If you'd like to give money to the government for whatever reason you see fit, you should be free to do so. If you prefer to spend your money on other things, then you should be free to do so.


Libertarians believe that everyone should be able to offer their goods and services in the market, and that free-market approaches are most effective at improving people's lives.

Civil Liberties

Libertarians believe that all people are equal all the time, no exceptions.

Crime & Justice

Our existing justice system is badly flawed, and there are too many laws that restrict liberty and invade privacy. Nothing that you choose to do that affects only you should be a crime.

The War on Drugs is a failed, ineffective policy with unfair and immoral results. End it now.


Libertarians are advocates for school choice, home-schooling, and free-market forms of education that put parents, teachers and kids in control, not government bureaucrats.

Foreign Policy

We want our country to be at peace with the world.


Free the healthcare market from the government meddling and control that breeds cronyism and corruption at the cost of patients and families.


Peaceful people who wish to immigrate here and are able to support themselves and their families should be welcomed with open arms.


Every person has a right to self-defense. How they choose to exercise that right is their own business.


For more information about positions on the issues, please see the national Libertarian Party web site.